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Hillside House

Brand of Elegance and Comfort

Relaxed and sophisticated rural tourism at Foz do Arelho beach, that has a perfect combination between trendy and traditional, with lagoon and sea view.


The Hillside House project, affectionately known as HH, was an exhilarating journey where I built a brand from the ground up, drawing inspiration from the owner’s chosen name for the property. Focused on values such as refinement, attention to detail, and creating a welcoming ambiance for guests, I developed a visual identity that reflects these principles.


Beyond the logo, I worked on designing the entire stationery line, including business cards and delightful gifts offered to guests. The promotional and publicity photographs of the space were meticulously captured by me, aiming to convey the relaxed and inviting atmosphere of Hillside House.


In the digital realm, I created an intuitive website and managed social media to promote and showcase the hotel. This comprehensive project not only allowed me to apply my creativity in graphic design but also demonstrated my ability to provide a cohesive visual experience, from print to the online world, for a brand seeking distinction in the hospitality sector. I am thrilled to share the details of this project, representing the perfect blend of visual aesthetics and core values.


brand, logo, identity, stationary, website, social media, signage & photography